Singapore Zoo + Tram Ride Admission Ticket

Singapore Zoo + Tram Ride Admission Ticket

Singapore Zoo + Tram Ride Admission Ticket
Admission + Tram ride
Full day ticket
Open dated
3-6 months validity
0830-1800 hrs
Operating hours of Singapore Zoo: 8.30am - 6pm
Expected duration: 3-4 hours
Address: 80 Mandai Lake Road, Singapore 729826
Nearest MRT stations: Ang Mo Kio (NS16), Choa Chu Kang (NS4), Marsiling (NS8), Woodlands (NS9)
Public buses: 138 (AMK, NS16), 926 (WDL, (NS8 & NS9), 927 (CCK, NS4)
*Bus No. 926 available on Sundays and Public Holidays only.

The Singapore Zoo is one of the top attractions in Singapore. It has the world famous “open concept”, meaning that the animals are typically not kept in “cages” but enclosures which are made to resemble their natural habitats closely. You will not see wire meshes, but things like moats, which help keep the visitors safe from harm.

Nine-time winner of the coveted Best Leisure Attraction Experience award by the Singapore Tourism Board, the Singapore Zoo's 26-hectare wildlife park is nestled within the lush Mandai rainforest that stretches into the magnificent Upper Seletar Reservoir. More than 2,800 animals representing over 300 species of mammals, birds and reptiles call Singapore Zoo home.

Many of our animal habitats incorporate special viewing features such as elevated platforms to view our giraffe exhibit, underwater galleries to see the watery worlds of our otters, pygmy hippos and giant estuarine crocodiles, as well as glass observatories to see animals such as the predatory cheetahs and lions. On top of the fascinating perspective of the animals, you get to view them in environments that have been thoughtfully built and landscaped after their habitats in the wild.

Our award-winning park is also big on immersive experiences. Whether you travel onboard one of our guided trams or trek on foot at your own leisurely pace, your experience will take you through some of the most distinctive global wildlife habitats of the world.

Singapore Zoo is also well-known for its walk-through exhibits that bring animals and visitors together in one space for incredibly intimate encounters. Stroll right into the home of free-ranging kangaroos and have them eating out of your palms at our Australian Outback. Wander into the spectacular diversity of the Fragile Forest where flying foxes soar freely, mousedeers tread gingerly across your path, and ring-tailed lemurs bask in full view on the open sundeck.

Singapore Zoo is also a Learning Zoo - where the guest experience involves understanding the animals at a deeper level through well-designed and interactive educational displays. As a result of our extensive wildlife research programmes and collaborative efforts with the global community, the Singapore Zoo has been taking important strides in furthering our key goal to preserve biodiversity. Guided by our wildlife conservation policy, our successful animal breeding programme continues to see numerous significant births of endangered animals year after year.

Wildlife conservation and the preservation of biodiversity are goals we have made ours – to take with us as we create a world where more will be inspired to learn, appreciate and respect the animals, with whom we share our planet.

Over 1.6 million visitors come to Singapore Zoo every year. We’d love to see you soon!

Free animal shows

Did you think that zoos are only for wild animals? Think again! In Singapore Zoo's Animal Friends show, domestic animals too get a chance to shine as well. See them display their abilities as we take this opportunity to showcase the importance of their role in our lives.

A quirky cat-and-mouse caper kicks off this fun-filled show that highlights the special bond between various domestic animals and their dedicated trainers. Watch as an elusive scurry of mice try to outwit the cool cats. Look who can leap from floor to roof in a single bound. Be amazed at how man’s best friend uses his nose to save the day.

The Animal Friends Show at the Singapore Zoo has plenty of laughs and reminds us that we can all get along in this world – since even mice, cats and dogs can! Many of our animals were once abandoned pets. Now, they make a difference by inspiring people every day to love and care for all animals with whom we share our forests as well as our homes. Don’t forget to stay after the show for a chance to have your pictures taken and cuddle up with our adorable stars.

Venue: Singapore Zoo Rainforest Kidzworld Amphitheatre
Time: 11.00am & 4.00pm (Daily)
*Animal Friends Show is weather permitting.

Elephants at Work and Play

Be transported into the heart of the Burmese rainforest for a rare up-close glimpse at the gentle and intelligent elephants. At Elephants at Work and Play at the Singapore Zoo, you can see the world’s largest land animals at work and at play with their riders, the mahouts.

Macho beasts at work - Be amazed by the elephants’ incredible feats of strength; these gargantuan beasts can lift and push logs the weight of two grown men! See how they marry intelligence and might to complete herculean tasks of moving giant logs.

Never too big to play - And what awesome elephant show doesn’t have amazing tricks in the trunk? Watch these playful giants as they play dead, ‘steal’ food, and demonstrate their ability to spray far and wide. Take cover if you plan to take the front and centre seats! The show ends with a token feeding session, so be sure to stick around for some trunk-touching fun!

Venue: Singapore Zoo Elephants of Asia
Time: 11.30am & 3.30pm (Daily)
*Elephants at Work and Play Show is weather permitting.

Splash Safari

If you love the wet, wacky and wonderful, this is the Singapore Zoo show for you! Watch our mischievous California sea lion superstar, show off a personality that matches its size as it gets up to its usual antics.

It’s a high-energy splash parade filled with many special moments that will tickle your funny bone and tug at your heartstrings at the same time. Get closer to the world of our amazing maritime maverick and learn about how we can all do our part to save the oceans.

Super soaker alert: Stay behind after the show if you need a cold shower. The trainers never get enough of inviting everyone down to enjoy a big splashy goodbye wave or two from our Splash Safari star.

Venue: Singapore Zoo Shaw Foundation Amphitheatre
Time: 10.30am & 5.00pm (Daily)
*Splash Safari Show is weather permitting.

Rainforest Fights Back

Rainforest Fights Back is a 20-minute, fun-filled performance that brings together the amazing natural talents of 15 species of mammals and birds as they ‘fight’ to restore their serene rainforest home from destruction.

Rumble in the Jungle - Kai the rainforest princess joins hands with her animal friends to defend their forest against a greedy industrial villain who wants to rip through their home with menacing excavators. Otters, snakes, macaws, lemurs, spider monkeys and more join tails to battle for the future of their habitat and our planet. Marvel at the skills of the animals as they move individually and as a team. Discover the healing abilities of the rainforest, and learn how you can do your part to save it.

Get in on the act - And if you think you are macho, you too can get in on the action. Just watch for when they call for a volunteer from the audience to pit skills against a surprise guest star primate! Let’s just say, we’ll be betting all our bananas on our hairy guest star. Who will win the battle of the primates? Will Kai and company succeed in foiling Vamoosh’s plans? Find out as you enjoy Rainforest Fights Back at the Shaw Foundation Amphitheatre.

Psst! Remember to stay back after the show to have your pictures taken with the cast and animals.

Venue: Singapore Zoo Shaw Foundation Amphitheatre
Time: 12.30pm & 2.30pm (Daily)
*Rainforest Fights Back Show is weather permitting.

Token Feeding Times Learn more fascinating facts about many of our animals at their most active – feeding time! Our keepers will provide an informative and entertaining live commentary as you enjoy front and centre views of the showtime frenzy. For selected exhibits, you will also get a chance to feed the animals yourself.

Click here to check out the feeding times!
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